With Jon´s help, I achieved goals that used to seem impossible,

— Yngvild Grip
Mastery and self-reflection..
No longer just a passenger, I´m in the driver´s seat,
— Eirill Romero


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The art of training.


Exercise is more challenging than we give it credit for.
Not only because of the challenge of withstanding lack of motivation and fatigue, but rather because of how difficult it can be not to turn one´s personal physical education into a competition - a contest in which we train that which we do not enjoy, develop skills we can´t use outside of a gym and produce numbers to impress people whose opinions shouldn´t concern us.

“The art of training begins by recognizing our body´s true needs,”

By strengthening that which seldom gets challenged and learning how to bend where most would break we build physical qualities that have real-life applications and sculpt bodies that can withstand/overcome the challenges of whatever life we wish to live. When combined with sufficient mental acuity and mind-body communication, our practice becomes more than temporary "bursts of improvement".
Instead, it becomes a practice that promotes growth - a practice that´s as sustainable as it is enjoyable, and that allows us to move with the freedom we deserve.


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