What to expect

  • An assessment consisting of a thorough interview and movement analysis

    • The online coaching begins with an assessment consisting of a questionnaire. 
      You'll then be requested to film and send in various exercises/moves that will be selected on the basis of the information you've provided. These videos, as well as the answers written down in the questionnaire, form the basis of the program.

  • Customized program

    • Your program is specifically tailored to your wants, as well as your need. - everything from your current physical status,  training history, everyday commitments, preferences and workout goals play into the design of the program.
    • The content of the program (sets, reps, intensity and exercise selection) will also be modified on the basis of your progression.
  • Coaching and consultation
    • The coaching can be done wth whatever kind of medium you see fit, whether it be via email, phone calls or video chat. In these coaching sessions we´ll primarily focus on your workout (reps, sets, intensity etc) and the technical execution of the various exercises in your program.
    • I will also be at your disposal for consultations regarding diet- and lifestyle.

"..The joy of regaining my body and the movements that had always been there," -   Mergim Neziraj

"..The joy of regaining my body and the movements that had always been there," - Mergim Neziraj

which service should i choose?


There are three different products to choose from:

  • Long term - 3 months

    • 3 months of coaching
    • Customized workout program (updated / modified as needed)
    • Secondary workout program
      (for times you don´t have access to your regular gym / equipment)
    • Weekly consultations (video chat / e-mail / phone calls)
    • 215 € / month
  • Short term - 1 month

    • 1 month of coaching
    • Customized workout program (updated / modified as needed)
    • Weekly consultations (Skype / e-mail / phone calls)
    • 245 € / month
  • Customized program

    • Customized workout program
    • 1 week of coaching
      (this week will also be used to make any necessary changes to the program)
    • 145 € (single payment)
  • consultation

    • In case you already have a program, but would like some feedback on your technique, how to optimize your progression or you have any other questions related to your training then feel free to contact me for a personal consultation.
    • 35 € / 30 minutes

How do i sign up?


Simply fill out this form, and I´ll contact you as soon as I can.