Kevin Neglia

"Jon as a coach is one of the most patient, intelligent, and versatile people you will meet. Jon as a person is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet, with a great sense of humor that always reminds me to enjoy what I'm doing.

Jon has helped me achieve physical goals I couldn't initially imagine accomplishing, but has also gone the extra step and helps me on a personal level every time we talk.

Jon understands the difference between being a coach, and giving away programs on the internet. Working with Jon remotely has been my best experience, hands down, and I can't recommend him enough. If you are looking for a teacher, you have found him."

Carlo Cedrola

"As someone that has been trying to teach himself outside of the norm of institutions, attending different workshops and consuming a fair lot of information from free internet material, I was exposed to confusions, claims, false interpretation and marketing strategies that made my practice a living chaos of not understanding how to bring things into appliance.

To say that Jon just helped me organizing myself better is an understatement: he made me realize the truly important questions I needed to ask myself in order to create an enjoyable and sustainable practice from which I could benefit both physically and psychologically. I started to have fun with my training again and felt the lightness of simplicity and clarity dusting off the pillars of what I had previously built. I could list specific benefits of the training like stable, painfree joints, increased strength, etc, but there is just one big result of his approach that I think is the mother of all other skills and gains of training: I am aware of my individual needs and goals and I am capable of outlining how my practice should look for me.

So if you are looking for someone who does not give you a fish, but teaches you how to fish, Jon is your guy."

Jiapei Wang

"Jon is without a doubt the best trainer I've had. A big part of this is due to his comprehensive knowledge on all things fitness and movement. More importantly however, he is approachable, compassionate, supportive in helping you achieve your goals

Cookie-cutter programs are an easy option for trainers but working with Jon, you can tell he's dedicated to his clients and wouldn't be satisfied with that option. He listens to what his clients want, their likes and limitations, and customises a program based on that understanding.


My goal was (and is) to move better and be stronger in all planes of motion and Jon has helped me do that with a program I thoroughly enjoy. I've learnt more working with Jon online in a few weeks than I have in years of training with other trainers in person. His program has been an investment in the short and long term health of my body and I can't thank him enough for it,"

Einar Svindland

"Jon is unique.

With great theoretical and practical knowledge, he is one among few who's able to spread information in the fitness industry with high quality and integrity. I´ve been lucky to be able to work with Jon, attend his workshops and also have him as a coach. His approach to physical activity is definitely one of a kind and I highly recommend him as a lecturer, teacher and coach,"


Jimmy Repo

"After several weeks of feeling unmotivated with no solid structure within my training routine, I decided to contact Jon to see if I could somehow get back on track again.
I do not regret making that decision.

Two months of working together with Jon has opened up a lot of new doors regarding strength, mobility and movement in general. More importantly, my mindset on how to deal with pain and injuries has completely changed. I used to spend hours on end going through all kinds of sources trying to find answers and it usually just left me even more confused. With the help of Jon, I now have a much better understanding on how to manage potiental setbacks in the future, and I feel more in control of my own body. As a client, I can tell that Jon is incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated about helping me reach my goals. He has a humble attitude and is always willing to discuss and answer any thoughts or questions that I might have.

I look forward to keep working with Jon."


"Musicians are almost all trying to find their own ‘sound’. A unique style that separates them from everybody else. Jon has found his own ‘sound’ in his approach to training and moving. He is the most thoughtful trainer/coach I have ever met. 

I contacted Jon about online coaching a few months ago and have not looked back since. Working with him has had a profound effect in the way I think about training, movement, and the human body in general. He is intelligent and accommodating, creating a program tailored to my goals specifically.

Although he very much has his own style he does not try and push any one particular training method onto his clients. From brute strength training to aesthetic skill development he has knowledge that can help you progress in anything you are interested in. 

We live on separate continents, in drastically different time zones, yet the way he answers my questions is like we have known each other personally for years. He understands the world is not black and white. He is willing to explore the subtleties of any topic related to training, no matter how straightforward or cerebral it is.

Jon would be my first recommendation for anyone looking for, not just an online coach, but a trainer in general. He will help you get the results you are looking for while ensuring that you actually enjoy your training. 

Plus, all you will learn along the way is worth well more than the price of admission,"

Sevinc Gürmen

"Working with Jon is refreshing, fun and productive.

He has a different perspective to training than your regular trainer - this allows you to progress much faster and more efficient at connecting to your body. What is more special about him is that he understands individual challenges (physical, environmental or mental) and is able to adjust the drills so it fits ''YOU'', rather than trying to fit you into the drill,"

Einar bjørkedal

"In the months before meeting Jon, I struggled a lot with a lack of motivation as well as not knowing how I wanted to progress in my own training. After spending a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to prioritize, I decided that I wanted to improve my mobility.

After all, I want to move. Not just within the “realm of fitness”, but as a human being.

After a lot of searching (and heeding the advice I received), I got in touch with Jon. He didn’t  only help me by designing a workout program that fulfilled my wishes and helped me reach my goals - he has also changed my perspective on “functional training”.
Jon is a man with good qualitites, both as a trainer and human, and that will help you find the right solution for you, regardless of your limitations,"

Magna Nordgard

"When I first decided to invest in Jon’s coaching, I had for a long time known that I needed help in overcoming physical limitations caused by injuries. My earlier experiences with other trainers and physiotherapist had left me hopeless and I felt like the level of competance necessary to help me was out of reach. Needless to say, I was rather sceptical that someone that I wouldn’t be working with “in person” could assist me.

Despite of this, I was so impressed with Jon’s skill level and values that I decided to give his online coaching a try. It didn’t take long before I was convinced: The exercises I had been given proved to be effective and the sense of achievement that for far too lang had been absent in my training, slowly but surely started to return.

It needs to be said that Jon isn’t only a skilled trainer because of his understanding of movement and his exceptional knowledge of training. He’s also genuinly invested in helping his clients overcoming everyday situations that hinders them from reaching their goals. In our talks I’ve experienced that he sincerely cares about my wellbeing, and the coaching I’ve received has been so much more than just “fitness”. He understands who I am and what drives me, and it’s this insight that has enabled me to motivate myself and find the true joy of movement,"

frank gøran pedersen

"Jon took time to make sure my program fit me and my personal goals. He has a keen eye for details and gave me much more than I expected.

His strengths, besides being born with a flexible skeleton, is his natural way of making complex movements and difficult subjects look and sound as easy as downing a 100% Gold Standard proteinshake.

I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend Jon to my closest friends and family.

Coach Pedersen approves,"

maria sagova

"I got in touch with Jon in hopes of getting a training program that would keep my body injury free, as well as increase my strength. The program had to be straightforward enough or me to execute on my own - I also wanted it to include exercises that would improve my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game and flexibility. Because my access to the gym was limited, I wished that one of the sessions in the program could be performed at home. I was rather unsure if all of these wishes could be fulfilled, but it couldn't hurt to try.

I was met with a fantastic positive attitude and willingness to help. He quickly designed a program tailored to my needs, and already after three weeks I was noticeably stronger. Most importantly - my pains/aches were gone (the cost of going to a physical therapist too). My body had become more robust and stronger in a short amount of time, and strength training became fun again!

Jon has an unusual ability to see a person in his/her entirety. The fact that he is so easy to communicate with also makes it easy to ask questions about the things you're uncertain about. Due to his extensive knowledge about the body and training, you always get answers that are carefully considered and formed.

Jon is outstanding, both as an online coach, as well as a personal trainer, and highly recommending him!"

kasper ellefsen

"I initially contacted Jon after having been recommended him from a former trainee of his. His perspective on human performance, expression, movement, whatever you want to call it; was something that unquestionably intrigued me.

As a trainer Jon differentiates himself by the way he truly gets involved with his clients. He listens to what your goals are and what motivates you, as well as what other elements in your life affect your training and life. He is honest, but at the same time kind and sincere. Using this he tailors a program that fits your prerequisites, goals and and daily life. 

The most important part I learned from working with Jon is without doubt the importance of awareness in what you do. Too much of life is done in a hurry. Taking a pause, and really grasping how your body works and moves to solve a particular movement is something I have reaped tremendous benefit from. Movement is in many ways as much a mental exercise as a physical feat.

I have not for a second regretted working with Jon, and will without a doubt do so again."