About Jon yuen

The date and place of Jon´s birth is, as of yet, unknown.
Some say he appeared out of thin air during Jimi Hendrix´s first live-performance.
Others claim that Jon first was sighted teaching Bill Gates how to code.

Regardless, Jon is a man who practices that which he preaches.
Amongst those things is honesty, which is why, as of right now, he will stop writing in the third person.

                                                            I´m this guy.

We´re all aware that most of these descriptions are written by the person the text describes. 
It may be commonly accepted as a mark of professionalism, but that doesn´t make it any less silly. 

Giving away the impression that I´m so important that I don´t even have the time to introduce myself personally doesn´t seem like a good way of getting to know people who I am.
Which is ironic, seeing as that´s the purpose of this text.

So, let´s try this again


I´m Jon Yuen, I currently live in Norway and have a surname that´s difficult to pronounce. 

This is due to the fact that my father´s from China - the same country where I lived when I studied martial arts. If anyone were to ask me which style of martial arts I specialized in, I would have a hard time providing an answer seeing as I´ve practiced too many of them - this is a result of my main philosophy, which is that everything´s interesting if you´re interested enough.

The same applies for the years when I worked as a professional dancer. I was incapable of settling on one style. Rather, I wanted to delve as deep as I could into each and every genre and culture, in an effort to understand what worked, how it worked and how could it be applied in other practices.

I´m passionate about expanding my own skill set and movement repertoire, and think it´s vital that I personally try out and refine as many approaches as I can in an effort of making it easier for you. But, of course, personal experience alone won´t provide all the answers. 
That´s why (besides sharing philosophical musings based on own experiences) the goal of this website is to offer science-based information that simplifies the way we all can progress towards better movement (without the dogma) and better health (without unwarranted restrictions).

When I´m not running this website, working as an online trainer, conducting workshops (see Upcoming Workshops) or teaching at the Academy of Personal Training in Norway, I spend most of my time corresponding with people who live both near and far.

If you should have any questions, inquiries or feedback, feel free to contact me.

Have a good one,